​One Vision Productions believes in giving back and creating impact in the neighborhoods where we live and work. Through the Pay It Forward program, our team is proud to support the needs of our local communities by providing donations to local arts programs, educational, faith-based and nonprofit organizations.

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President's Call to Service Award
Individuals who have completed 4000 or more volunteer service hours over the course of their lifetime are eligible to receive the President's Call to Service Award.

The awards packages include a certificate of achievement, a President's Volunteer Service Awards lapel pin, coin or medallion, a note of congratulations from the President of the United States and a letter from the President of Points of Light and the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Eligible participants will be invited to attend the annual ceremony that takes place in August.

Volunteer Opportunities
To learn about opportunities to volunteer in your community, please visit the AllForGood website.

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                      Register for the President's Volunteer Service Award

                                                         An initiative of the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation

Why Volunteer?
One Vision Productions is also an official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. The premier volunteer program encourages citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition.Did you know that by being a volunteer you are adding to the overall economic well-being of our country and reducing the burden on government spending?  Volunteering helps to foster a sense of trust and a common bond among community members. Currently many individuals serve in regular volunteer capacities. We want to recognize your commitment and outstanding service to the community. We encourage everyone to become involved with charitable, service and civic organizations.

Volunteer Criteria
-Recipients must be a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States.
-Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period or over the course of a lifetime.
-Awards are issued for volunteer service only. Additional levels of participation with the organization (i.e. charitable support) are not a factor considered for the award.
-Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the award.
-Awards are issued by approved Certifying Organizations.
-Service must be with an organization that is legally established in the U.S., the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or one of the territories.

How to Register
1. Set up your profile in the system and register with PVSA.
2. Begin to track and record your volunteer hours and activities.
3. Submit a record of service to One Vision Productions, LLC (KXH-74089) to verify your hours.

The Award
Presidential recognition sets you apart from your peers. It is a tremendous honor. Even though you may not seek recognition, your example can deliver a powerful message that encourages others to take action.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes United States citizens and lawfully admitted, permanent residents of the United States who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period or cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime.