One Vision Productions has a great team that will work with you to develop what we believe is the perfect production for your organization from concept to reality. We have carefully crafted packages to maximize your dollar's potential while remaining competitively priced. We produce commercials, corporate videos, films and weddings, to name a few. We also offer photography and multimedia design while delivering high production value that will help you to achieve a polished and professional image. So please, scroll down to see what we offer or click HERE to see more of our work. *All services include a regulatory state tax












Through television's ability to communicate sight, sound, motion and emotion, TV advertising lends a "larger than life" image to a product or service. The mere fact of being on television is often enough to really set a business apart from its competitors.


Businesses benefit immensely from this. It not only dramatically heightens consumers' perception of a product, but also of the associated brand. When consumers make up their mind about who to do business with this can make the difference that makes a difference.

Corporate Video


As the evolution of marketing continues, corporate video has become one of the strongest marketing tools for business. The use of business video is now an essential part of any solid marketing strategy. Corporate videos play a crucial role on websites, at trade shows, and in the training and professional development of employees.


Utilizing a concise, attractive video on a website to give a brief overview of products or services has been shown to increase traffic, decrease bounce rates, and ultimately increase sales.


Demo Reels


Demo reels are most often beneficial for aspiring or veteran actors and models to showcase their capabilities and versatility, but also suitable for individuals/businesses who provide a type of service. Our goal is to help artists, actors and models in all areas of their industry to present and promote themselves and their creations through a professional image.   An Electronic Press Kit or EPK for cool people -- is a fancy version of a demo reel that usually runs between 5 - 12 minutes and includes "slice of life" style sequences and "behind the scenes" clips structured to give a more detailed and intimate view of whatever product you are selling.

Film & Editing


We begin with fundamental photographic techniques. The art-design of your program will inform the style of the images we create for you. In some cases, simplicity is best. In other instances, the more exotic the better.  We work with you to choose the format and tools that best fit your design and budget requirements.  Hi-Def, Standard Def, DSLR or the Red are available along with all types of camera movement accessories.  Our award-winning editors work with you through a rough-cut process to ensure we're getting it done according to the script, budget and your satisfaction.

Multimedia Design


One Vision Productions has resources that will aide your company in creating billboards, book covers, business cards, flyers, infographics, logos, portfolios and websites to suit the needs of your organization. So call us today and see what One Vision Productions can do for you!






Using what we feel is the most modern DSLR cameras and equipment in the industry, One Vision Productions has become a force in the market for professional corporate, event, pet, portrait, sports and wedding photography.  We also offer professional studio photography, retouch and restoration services at affordable prices.  So, give us a call and let One Vision capture your next event.



Retouch & Restoration 


Are you are looking to retouch that "almost" perfect photograph, restore that stained, scratched, water damaged, moldy, faded or old torn photo - our digital photo restoration services are here to help you preserve these images for generations to come.

With our many photo retouching services, we can colorize a B&W image, add, change or remove a background or object, repair that old faded picture, or enhance the image and make it the way it was meant to be.



Sports Highlights 


Sports highlight videos are a must for teams and individual athletes; combining game footage with the latest special effects, music and new ideas. We use your game videos or footage shot during your sports season to create Individual Highlights for Recruitment  that can be presented to future coaches and athletic directors. We also create Team Highlights videos that you can be shown at your Annual Sports Banquet to honor your players.



TV Production


One Vision Productions has exploded onto the scene, producing award winning shows from comedy and entertainment to faith-based programming. We offer in studio and on location shooting using ChromaKey technology and also the revolutionary live editing system, TriCaster! 







Your event will be captured with what we believe is the finest equipment in professional digital technology. We record with 4K or HD digital cameras or DSLR's to ensure video that people will want to view over and over again.We also provide services for corporate, special events and weddings. Expert post-production editing will be done using what we believe is state-of-the-art software such as the Adobe Creative Suite.





One Vision Productions is your complete resource for finding and hiring professional voice talent. We make it possible to affordably cast, produce and deliver voice overs all in one place. We've helped many clients over the years with virtually every kind of voice over project and we can help you today. So give us a call and let us match the right voice talent for your next project.






One Vision Productions specialize sin high quality, artistic wedding photos or videos at prices that will suit your budget. Our goal is for you to consider your wedding video the best investment you made on your special day.  If you would like more information we would love to talk with you about how we can best capture your love story in a film.